April 26



Commercial Real Estate Insurance Explained – How Much Protection is Enough?

In this episode, Beau and Jeremy talk insurance. I know, ugh. But it's necessary.

Commercial real estate insurance is often overlooked. Beau & Jeremy talked horror stories about getting the wrong coverage…and then something goes wrong and you discover–too late!–that you're not covered.

They also talked about why working with an insurance broker may be your best option to find the best coverage and terms. It also helps you with providing an advocate who is looking out for your best interest.

About Jeremy
Jeremy Goodrich owns Shine Insurance Agency. He’s a teacher at heart and he simplifies insurance by giving step by step guidance along the way.

Before Shine, he was an elementary school teacher, helping countless kids fall in love with art, math, science, and writing. Former students remember learning to play hockey in gym class, opening epic businesses in a virtual world called The Businesses Project, and learning to use a sewing machine.

After 13 years of teaching, he decided it was time to change the way people feel about insurance. Jeremy carried the heart of an educator over and he's been making insurance simple for first time home buyers and real estate investors ever since.

Most days Jeremy can be found helping real estate investors by sending them insurance quotes, reviewing their policies, and making insurance work for their bottom line. He's also the host of a multifamily real estate podcast, and the host of Youtube's #1 most watched independent insurance agency channel.


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