January 17

Build Your Brand to Grow Your REI Business


On this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast, Beau interviews Stratton Brown, a 7 figure entrepreneur, wholesaler, real estate investor, and the Host of the Winning Move Podcast, as they talked about building and leaning heavily into your brand to gain a vast audience and to help you grow from zero to a million-dollar business.


[00:20] Beau welcomes Stratton Brown on the show and talks about his credentials

[03:26] Real estate is not the easiest thing in the world

[03:53] How did Stratton start in real estate

[04:45] Get to know the biggest influence in Stratton’s life

[07:15] Being smart with money

[07:36] It’s easy to spend all your money and lose it all

[08:22] Importance of having a real estate mentor

[11:20] Wholesaling business journey of Stratton

[13:07] Working hard in athletics and in business to keep up

[14:21] “If you are going to dedicate yourself for a year to something, you are going to improve”

[16:25] Setting a five-year goal

[17:58] Lean heavy into your brand because you never know who’s watching

[19:16] Be genuine with people to gain their trust and they will get to learn more about you

[20:20] Consistency is the key

[21:47] The easiest and hardest part when you are doing wholesale

[22:19] The cash flow problems never stop

[24:40] Putting yourself on the right playing field

[26:06] “How can I help you make more with everybody I talk to”

[27:16] Most people will help you if you don’t waste their time

[27:40] Get to know Stratton Brown’s secret in building his way to success and in doing a podcast

[29:01] Having a podcast is awesome, you can be as creative as you want

[30:01] The mental discipline you get with the 75 hard challenge

[32:39] The story you tell yourself is so important

[35:23] How did Stratton start his call center services business

[38:19] From zero to a million-dollar business in 18 months

[39:32] It takes a little time to ramp up

[40:17] High equity is the best-performing list in the wholesaling and flipping space

[42:33] What does it cost you for that deal

[43:55] People are pulling back because they are scared of the market

[44:16] Your business has to pivot

[45:17] Always hire for growth

[49:38] Go to events to get around with like-minded people

[51:23] Genuinely come to people thinking how you can help them first and always value driven


branding, grow your REI business, investor loans, real estate investing, REI

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