January 16

250 Units at 28 Years Old – [Wealth Building with Real Estate]


On this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast, Beau interviews Ryan Corcoran, a young entrepreneur who’s very successful in real estate, as they talked about having 250 doors/units sold at 28 years old and how to be financially free at such a young age. #wealthcreation


[00:08] Beau introduces Ryan Corcoran on the show and talks about his credentials

[01:30] What is Ryan’s first investment? How is he wealth building with real estate?

[02:44] Quitting W2 job and going full time to real estate

[03:22] What is GP or General Partner?

[05:00] The door count doesn’t mean much

[05:36] Having 250 doors/units sold and being financially free at 28 years old

[06:53] The real play in real estate is to hold long-term and create value in your 1031 exchange

[07:35] Outsourcing property management

[09:12] What did Ryan do when he started buying properties

[10:14] Markets in the Rhode Island

[14:10] It’s very difficult to find a property that is going to cash flow if it’s a duplex or triplex

[14:54] What kind of marketing is Ryan doing?

[16:00] Doing direct mail is about consistency and timing

[16:39] Things to be focused on in 2023

[18:54] Make the money stack the cash and wait for the right buying opportunities

[19:53] Keep your stress level at a certain level

[21:17] Take certain risks in life to advance the needle and do things systematically

[22:16] Start building your cash in the bank

[24:48] Do not look at other people, just worry about yourself

[25:06] Doing real estate is one of the best ways in the world to make a living

[25:44] Come up with a game plan

[26:33] Ryan’s real estate mentors and partners

[27:50] What did Ryan learn from his mistakes in real estate

[28:35] A home run deal story

[30:23] Advice to young professional people who want to be an entrepreneur

[28:35] Get in the room of people doing big things that you want to be doing

[32:15] Join Mastermind groups

[34:11] Where to go to find out more about Ryan


real estate investing, wealth building, wealth creation

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