June 18

Intelligence Analyst to Multifamily Investor


Intelligence Analyst to Multifamily Investor

In this episode, Beau & Justin talk about Justin's transition from intelligence analyst to multifamily investor.

About Justin Moy
Justin manages all aspects of Perpetual Wealth Capital’s growing portfolio. Before becoming involved with multifamily investing, Justin was a top broker at the 3rd most competitive residential real estate market in the country, winning numerous awards for production.

During this time Justin specialized in helping investors acquire long-term projects that would provide favorable cash-flow and appreciation.

Before that, Justin was an Intelligence Analyst in the US Marine Corps Reserves where he prepared and presented in depth critical information to a wide array of high ranking officials , lead teams from 4-14 marines to prepare presentations to aide officers in decision making . There he was responsible for physical fitness standards of 48 marines, ensured physical training was conducted safely, and solved any issues from training exercises


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