January 23

Buying a Franchise with Alternative Financing


Question: I am working on buying a home service franchise. I need $50,000 for the franchise fee and about another $65k for the van. The other startup costs are about $10-15k. I am employed with a w2 job and have good credit. I have about $30k in savings and not much more.

Any suggestions?



[00:32] What to do when buying a low startup cost type of franchise

[00:40] The best thing to do when the franchise is not on the approved SBA directory

[00:52] Doing an unsecured term loan when you have a good credit and income

[01:08] Finance a van 100% with an equipment loan

[01:27] Layering in to different financing facets to get a project done

[01:58] Book a call to run through the best financing deal for you

[02:20] Go to investorfinancingpodcast.com/ask to ask other questions


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