January 20

When to Use Bridge Financing for Multifamily Real Estate


When to Use Bridge Financing for Multifamily Real Estate

Question: I own 11 single family rental properties. I just found a 12 unit in Ohio that I would like to purchase. The purchase price is $750,000. It has 6 units occupied and the property needs a new roof and some interior improvements throughout.

My rehab budget is about $175k. The rents could be pushed up about $200 dollars per unit after renovations. What options would work for this one?




[00:35] What options would work for multifamily property?

[00:46] Using a bridge loan for 12, 24 or 36 month-term

[00:50] What will you get when doing a bridge financing?

[01:07] How much total product finding of total project costs will you get with a bridge loan?

[01:18] Do a bridge loan and get the property up or raise rents

[01:45] Doing an appraisal when you are all in and stabilized

[02:03] Refinancing into a long term debt when the property is running at its optimum

[02:21] Requirements of Fannie and Freddie


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