October 20

Business Acquisition Strategies


Business Acquisition Strategies Using Low-Money Down and Other Creative Financing Solutions

On this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast, Beau interviews Jason Rogers, Majority Owner at Brighter Utilities & Brighter Living, as they talked about business acquisition, creative financing, finding the right businesses to acquire and the ways to get away from working W-2 job.


[00:13] Beau welcomes Rod onto the show and opens up about the exciting topics that they will be discussing on this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast

[02:30] Jason walks us through his journey on how he started into entrepreneurship and how he found mobile home park/ manufactured housing industry.

[04:25] Jason shares his backstory, the beginning of the process on how he got into the game

[08:03] First property owned by Jason

[10:46] Getting in and out of plumbing business

[15:50] How should we do a “quick evaluation” of a business?

[16:00] Looking at the tax returns for your own security and protection

[16:49] Line 21, Net Income

[17:25] Importance of working into the model of how much are you willing to pay

[18:40] What do you expect the business to run under your management?

[19:57] Taking about depreciation for business acquisitions

[21:29] Jason’s quick analysis and formula when underwriting deals

[23:00] Starting a business with little capital and learn the fundamentals

[24:10] Business acquisitions versus real estate

[25:11] Jason’s outlook going forward at business opportunities

[28:05] Other service based industries to be considered

[30:37] The best plan of action and top resources that Jason can suggest

[33:40] What does Beau like about business acquisition?

[35:10] What is a roll-up and what are the advantages of rolling up businesses?

[40:30] Where to go to find out more about Jason

[41:37] When starting and buying a business, skepticism is good.


commercial loans, creative financing, hard money, real estate, real estate investing

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