October 21

Tax Benefits for Real Estate Investors with Mark Perlberg


How to Maximize Your Tax Benefits When Investing in Real Estate On this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast, Beau interviews Mark Perlberg, Real Estate & Business Tax Strategy at Mark Perlberg CPA PLLC and the host of The Mark Perlberg CPA Podcast, as they do a breakdown of the top real estate investing tax benefits. They also talked about the advantages of depreciation, tax advice, and flips and long-term rental holds.


[01:02] Beau welcomes Mark onto the show and opens up about the exciting topics that they will be discussing on this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast and shares his credentials specifically as a CPA.

[04:00] What are the advantages of depreciation for business opportunities

[04:28] Different ways to use and maximize depreciation

[06:05] Cost segregation

[07:20] From passive bucket to a non-passive bucket to use

[07:43] An amazing strategy in tax savings [08:47] Getting the down payment back into the form of a refund

[09:20] Entities for people who are flipping properties versus long-term rental holds

[09:56] Mark’s high level advice about entities

[11:05] The only value you get in an S Corp from a tax perspective

[12:16] Federal taxes, state taxes and self-employment taxes

[13:25] How to get big savings by not paying your self-employment taxes

[13:53] The big challenge of the people who are not getting the support they need from their advisors

[16:13] The greatest challenge with entrepreneurs

[16:30] Advantages of hiring a bookkeeper

[19:48] Certain concerns about the series of LLC

[20:30] Major tax changes

[20:56] The last year with bonus depreciation being 100%

[21:26] Other ways and opportunities to maximize bonus depreciation

[22:11] How does the big multi-millionaires pay no taxes

[23:09] Planning for the depreciation being phased out

[23:49] How much do you pay in taxes?

[24:06] Keeping a good strategist to keep more money

[25:20] Amortize and write off organizational costs

[27:15] The beauty of taxes and the ways to structure it

[29:15] Where to go to find out more about Mark

[30:20] Advance college planning services


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