April 20

Scale Your Wholesaling/Flipping Business by Hiring the Right People


How to Scale & Grow Your Wholesaling and Flipping Businesses [Hint: Hire the right people]

In this episode, Beau talks with Mike Simmons. They talked a bit about the importance of hiring the right people for your business, as well as why he moved from flipping to wholesaling (it's easier to systemize and it takes less time).

Make sure you watch this episode. You'll get some real golden nuggets from Mike.

About Mike
Michigan-based investor Mike Simmons shares exactly how he went from moderate success to $1 million in annual profit.

You'll learn why Mike switched gears from flipping to wholesaling real estate, what he's learned from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on various marketing channels, and the four-point checklist you must use when considering any kind of partnership.


commercial loans, creative financing, hard money, real estate, real estate investing

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