March 7

New Home Construction Financing – Spec Construction Loans – IFP EP#137


On this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast we discuss builder loans for new construction properties.

General Loan Guidelines
Property Types
Single Family Residence (attached/detached, Investment Property Only)
2-4 Unit Property (duplex/triplex)
Townhomes/Row Houses/Low Rise Condos
Small to Midsize Apartment Buildings
Loan Terms
Loan Amounts: $100,000 to $10,000,000+
Loan to Value: up to 70%
Loan to Cost: up to 90%
Loan Terms: 6 to 18 months
What Is a General Development Loan?
A Development Loan is designed for the purchase of development ready lot(s) with a horizontal budget. You can finance both the acquisition and horizontal development all at once.

What Is A Bridge-To-Build Loan?
The Bridge-To-Build Loan serves builders and developers, from acquisition through financing to go vertical. The loan supports the process of securing plans and permits.


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