January 8

Creative Deal Structuring in Real Estate: Low to No Money Out of Pocket


Welcome back to another compelling episode of the Investor Financing Podcast! In this episode, we delve into the captivating world of real estate, uncovering insights from a resilient individual who not only conquered adversity but also became a prominent figure in the industry. Our esteemed guest, Nick Prefontaine, a 3X best-selling author and top motivational speaker in 2022, shares his remarkable journey from a traumatic snowboarding accident to achieving success in real estate.

Nick Prefontaine's Adversity

Nick's story begins with a life-altering snowboarding accident during his 8th-grade ski club trip. At the age of 14, he found himself in a coma for three weeks, and doctors were skeptical about his ability to walk, talk, or eat independently. Against all odds, Nick defied expectations, emerging from the coma and embarking on a challenging path of recovery.

Recovery and Entry into Real Estate

Nick's recovery became intertwined with his introduction to the world of real estate. His determination led him to run out of the hospital within three months, setting the stage for a resilient and inspiring journey. Post high school, Nick obtained his real estate license, initiating a career as a realtor, and eventually transitioned into full-time real estate investing.

The Prefontaine Approach to Real Estate

The Prefontaine family's approach to real estate stands out for its emphasis on creative financing and unconventional strategies. Nick highlights their unique exit strategy, focusing on selling properties through rent-to-own arrangements to end buyers. This distinctive approach deviates from traditional real estate processes, offering an alternative for investors seeking low to no money out of pocket.

Quantum Leap System (QLS) for Training Associates

Nick introduces the Quantum Leap System (QLS), a comprehensive training system designed to equip associates with the knowledge and skills needed for successful real estate deal structuring. The system undergoes constant updates, ensuring associates receive the latest insights into creative financing and deal structuring.

Three Paydays in Real Estate Deals

The Prefontaine family's strategy revolves around the concept of three paydays in real estate deals. This involves earning income from the buyer's down payment, the spread between payments made and collected, and the third payday – typically the largest – when the buyer secures their own loan upon property closure.

Overcoming Fear and Taking the First Step

Nick emphasizes the importance of overcoming fear and taking the first step in real estate investing. Drawing parallels between his personal journey and the challenges investors face, he encourages individuals to trust themselves, manage their energy, and persistently move forward. Nick also introduces the free book, “The New Rules of Real Estate Investing,” offering valuable insights to aspiring investors.


In conclusion, Nick Prefontaine's inspiring journey from adversity to success serves as a beacon for aspiring real estate investors. The Prefontaine family's innovative approach to deal structuring and their commitment to training associates through the Quantum Leap System provides a roadmap for those seeking financial success in real estate. Remember, taking the first step is crucial, and as Nick aptly puts it, once you take that step, the next one will always be within reach.


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