April 6

C-PACE Financing Explained – Episode 158


What is C-PACE Financing?

✓Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is an innovative way for owners to pay for upgrades to buildings

✓A state legislated public/private partnership

✓Covers 100% of the improvement costs, 20%-30% of a buildings value, repaid through a tax assessment on the property for up to 30 years

✓PACE is modeled after methods to fund public benefits such as roads, sidewalks, and fire departments

✓Funding comes from private capital sources

✓2,400 Commercial Projects Completed – $1.5b in funded projects (January 2020)

✓PACE Equity is a turnkey solution providing funding capital, energy engineering, and project governance to provide surety of close for building owners and developers.

✓Our experience is unmatched; PACE Equity is using PACE in never-before-seen ways, and our team has completed over 150 projects nationwide.

✓We operate with PACE, Property Assessed Clean Energy, an innovative way for owners and developers to leverage better returns.

✓PACE Equity covers 100% of the improvement costs (20% of a building’s value), repaid through a tax assessment on the property for up to 30 years.

Watch this informative episode to learn how PACE Equity can help you increase cashflows and discover the PACE Equity advantage!


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