September 30

Business Acquisition Loan No Money Down {Creative Financing Structures)


Business Acquisition Loan No Money Down {Creative Financing Structures) On this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast, Beau talks about the low cash equity injection type of deals by using creative financing to acquire businesses.


[00:12] What type of business could you acquire?

[00:25] As a potential buyer, how can you leverage the business acquisition for the least amount of equity down as possible?

[00:34] What is seller carryback?

[00:45] Here’s the way we like to structure deals

[01:19] The better way to do if you have a marginal deal

[01:29] Total of equity injection to be used on a SBA 7a

[02:18] 25-year term type of SBA deal with the business acquisition

[02:30] What to explain to a seller by giving a fair offer?

[03:08] How to be creative on these types of deals?

[03:39] Creative structure for putting down as little as possible with the business acquisition


commercial loans, creative financing, hard money, real estate, real estate investing

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